Hot Spring


The source of the hot spring is at 1,300m in the middle of Mt. Chausu. The hot spring’s water is the same water used by the Imperial family at their summer house.The water is good for your skin and helps you recover from fatigue, and also relax and sooth your mind. 







Name of the source : Omaru Onsen
Nature of the spring : Normal Onsen
Water temperature : 60.8 ℃
Characteristics : Almost clear, a slight smell of hydrogen sulfide
Efficacy : The water makes the skin beautiful. Pregnant women can take the onsen. Effective for neuralgia, aching joints, stiff joints, chronic digestive system disorder, muscular pain, fatigue and so on.

The water of the inside Bath  is circulated and filtered under hygienic conditions.
Please understand that the water will be controlled by adding some water or applying some heat to control the temperature.



hotspring_5_s1Japanese people usually wear Yukata after taking a bath. Come to our dining room in Yukata and use as pajamas in bed. 








[Big bath]

There is a big wooden bathtub with the scent of cypress trees. Hot spring water always flows from the source of the hot spring.A baby crib is installed in the lady’s bathroom. [Open 24 hours]

*Please note that there are some days you are not able to take a bath between 12am to 6am due to maintenance.




Family Bath 【Goyo・Uro】

You can relax and enjoy your private bath time.

Hours 3:00 pm to 11:0 pm, 7:00 am to 10:00 am

How to use and make a reservation

Please book a family bath when you make a room reservation or after you arrive here.  Each bathroom has a different time schedule.

We apologize in advance that you may not be able to make a reservation at the time you requested.


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