facility_2_s1When you walk on the path, you can feel the gentle breeze. When you are at  the lounge’s wooden porch, you can see beautiful trees colored differently in each season. You will always feel the nature of Nasu in these small woods. 







In the morning, you can enjoy coffee with a garden view. At night, you can enjoy drinks and candlelight chat on the comfortable sofas. Please enjoy quality time in the lounge.
No smoking hours : 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Business hours : 9:00 pm to 12:00 am (Last order 11:30 pm)




The soothing aroma made will make you relaxed. It is called aroma therapy. The aroma lymphoid treatment which brings out your natural healing ability is available. Reservations only. No treatment for pregnant women. [Hours from 3pm to 11pm / The reception closes at 8:30 pm.]


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SANSUIKAKU has 13 rooms. Our rooms have nostalgic and warm atmosphere due to the wooden construction built in early 20 century. You can feel Japanese beautiful seasons while you stay at our room. Our guests who stay at BETTEI KAI can visit the SANSUIKAKU’s big bathroom and family bath .





All guest rooms and public space are Non-smoking. For smokers, there is a smoking area in the dining room “Mori no AN”, and  you can smoke in Lounge 206. 




Free Wi-Fi is available at Lounge 206. There is no internet access in the guest rooms.

Aroma Treatment Room


Insufficient exercise, daily fatigue and stress become toxins in your body and cause you health problems. We offer a great range of treatments to create your lymphatic flow as your body needs only by hand. Our detox treatment “Aroma lymphoid treatment”brings out your natural healing ability and relieve tension in your body and relax you comfortably.



Head, Body, Face (with a mask) Treatment 90 min. 18,500yen A treatment to improve your lymphatic flow of your whole body, head and face. The facial mask is for whitening.

Head, Body Treatment 70 min. 14,500yen Head, shoulders, back, lower back, arms, hands, legs RAN Head, Shoulders, Back, Lower back Treatment 45 min. 9,000yen A treatment to improve your lymphatic flow of upper body.

Head, Shoulders or Legs Treatment 30 min. 6,500yen

Facial Treatment, Shoulders Treatment 45 min. 9,500yen A treatment to relieve the swelling and dullness of your skin and good for tired eyes.

Face, Neck, Upper chest Treatment 30 min. 6,500yen

An Eastern-style
foot and lower-leg treatment 30 min. 6,500yen A treatment to relax and refresh your tired feet and legs with stimulating the pressure point on the sole of feet by finger joints.

Slimming course; only for women (Lymphatic Drainage Treatment)
A treatment to warm your body and improve your lymphatic flow with bended oils for each guest. The toxins in your body is cleansed with your sweat. The treatment enhances your metabolism and leads you to slim down.

Upper body (Back, Belly, Arms, Shoulders) 60 min. 15,500yen

Lower body (Legs, Lower back, Belly) 60 min. 15,500yen

Full body (Upper and lower body) 90 min. 22,500yen



[Aroma Room An Raphael]

Hours: from 3pm to 10pm (The reception closes at 8:30 pm.)
*Advanced reservation is available.
*Time for counseling and changing clothes is included.
*If you take any facial treatment, please take your makeup off before you come.
*Men can also take our treatment.


[Essential Oil ]

Oil : We choose a blended oil for you from 88 essential oils according to your physical conditions which are also used at a medical front in France.